The Company

Guildcrest has been building high quality, energy-efficient modular homes since 1991. Our factory in Morewood, Ontario, Canada (just outside Ottawa) is licensed to manufacture homes to CSA’s A-277 procedure with an approved quality assurance program.Guildcrest is one of the largest modular housing producers in Canada. With three company sales centres in eastern Ontario and a large and growing network of more than 20 Authorized Builders, we are able to offer our homes to lot owners across Ontario and Western Quebec. We are also active in several residential development projects and “Adult Lifestyle” communities and have developed a strong relationship with many of Ontario’s First Nations communities.At Guildcrest, we are convinced that high quality modular housing will become the standard demanded by new home buyers. Building indoors offers clear advantages in material protection, worker comfort and superior quality control, particularly in our northern climate. Factory building also permits more efficient material usage and better waste management practices – increasingly important issues for all of us.

The Homes

Guildcrest specializes in residential construction. Whether single family homes or cottages, semi-detached homes, townhouses or multi-unit buildings, we’re committed to building energy efficient homes designed to meet our customers’ needs. With our extensive design experience, we’re ready, willing and able to build the home of your dreams.

At Guildcrest, we pride ourselves on our architecturally distinctive exteriors and spacious, modern floor plans. We’re also proud of our ability to incorporate our customers’ personal preferences into our homes — whether we start from one of our own plans, or yours.


We believe in the importance of supporting the advancement of our industry through active participation in its associations, and dialogue with its regulators. Guildcrest is a member of several associations, all of which are dedicated to improving the home building industry in general, and factory-built housing in particular. We are members of the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI) and the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA). Interesting web sites are maintained by both of these organizations and we encourage you to visit them.

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