The Village at Bay Moorings

3 Grew Crescent
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 1E7

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Tel: (705) 549-1818
Fax: (705) 549-5271

Sales Office Hours:
Monday to Friday – 10:00am to 4:00pm,
Saturday & Sunday – 11:00am to 4:00pm

There’s one sure thing about water; we love being around it. We love the sparkle of sunlight on it. We treasure the languid sound of it lapping on the shore. And we absolutely adore strolling along its edge, maybe dangling our feet in it off a dock.

It’s one reason why homes and cottages with water views are always in such high demand. To live in a comfortable home with a spectacular view of a lake or a bay is almost universally considered to be a privileged opportunity that, while most of us would like it, few of us can afford.

It is this assumption that makes the affordability of homes in Village at Bay Moorings somewhat unique amongst all of Ontario’s waterfront communities. The Village couples with Bay Moorings Marina on the shores of Penetanguishene Bay, with stunning views from the 26 luxury townhomes perched on a ridge overlooking the bay. Together with the custom bungalows nestled below, they provide homeowners at The Village with both a visual and literal access to the waters of Georgian Bay. Being a residential land lease community makes all of the homes at The Village far more affordable than comparable conventional homes could ever hope to be, and its proximity to Penetanguishene (2 minutes) and nearby Midland (5 minutes) assures homeowners of whatever amenities they may need or want.

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Local Amenities & Services

The American corporate executive Charles G. Mortimer once described ‘convenience’ as “… the success factor of just about every type of product and service that is showing steady growth.” As another benefit of its setting, a more apt explanation for the success and appeal of The Village of Bay Moorings would be difficult to imagine. On top of appreciating the immediate proximity and visual splendour of Penetanguishene Bay, homeowners at The Village also enjoy remarkably convenient access to all of the local services and amenities they are likely to ever need, to be found in either Penetanguishene (2-minute drive) or Midland (5-minute drive).

Some of the closest amenities to The Village at Bay Moorings:

  • Huronia District Hospital – 5-minute drive
  • Shoppers Drug Mart – 1-minute drive
  • Post office – 1-minute drive
  • IGA Grocery Store – 1-minute drive
  • Banks and credit union offices – 2- to 3-minute drive
  • Places of worship – 5-minute drive
  • Home Hardware – 1-minute drive
  • Golf courses – 2 within a 5-minute drive
  • LCBO/The Beer Store – 1-minute drive


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